Reviews for "Shadow Govt. Puppet Show"


BRILLIANT!! PURE BRILLIANCE!! So yeah, it was all good and stuff with a side of awsome. On a scale from really great to awsome, I give it a fantastic, you whoremongering American scum!


How do you like that American whoremongers!! oh ho ho!!! hahaha that was pure genius, great work!


I hate the French too.....

Noice Mate!

HOLY SHIT! i couldent stop watching this! I still dont get why disaster labs stoped making cartoons!? They Rock! INCLUDING ARFENHOUSE!!! Keep making them man!

DL-Neutrino responds:

We didn't stop. These things take time to make. We aren't cartoon machines. Expect to see some more stuff in the future.


this movie is just awesome. i watched it like 6 times and was still laughing. especially when they killed that janitor and basicly everything the yellow smiley face guys says. there are only 2 things that could have made this better: more bush humor and possibly better synchronization of the special content sound with the scene.