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Reviews for "Arrogancy Game Demo"


But remove the auto medium quality script please

Trully a Thing of Beauty

Enough Said...i thought it was excelent, even though it was a demo i was happy to play it...its an example of sheer exelence i hope others can take this an example...thanks for the chance to play this game

Cool game!

Get this one done man. This is awesome! What makes it even better theres none of that lame voice acting. Sorry, but truely your voice acting for your other works were pretty bad. Good work on this though! I can't wait till its done. I love date sim games.

Good arrogance all throughout

The game abruptley ended while I was hitting on someone, but other than that this was pretty fun to play! Good job, all in all.

aaron man, i really love this game but....

LMAO nice one aaron. you 6th answer with the IQ test to start the game lol nice one. I personally love this because it gives me that RPG feeling. i like adventure games cause their long, interesting and never really get boring. I look for music, humor of coarse, color, style, animation, mood, blah blah blah. i can tell u now i read half the reviews and i think you responded to them appropriatly. i rememebr alot of people saying it was 2 slow. well guys try this at school cause i bet its your computas. your an excellant artist and director man.
your movies are better then the last and i think it sucks people cant see wat me n a couple others see. I like to see normal citizens do the same thing if not better jobs then the famous people. alot of us are 1-man workers. most of us dont get paid ( me for one ). we do this for you guys man. we try to show you that anything those famous people do you can do to and you guys are just.......i dont even no. honestly its annoying now. theirs a time to act like an ass n most of you do it to much.
stop trying to be funny all the time and take some time to think. " Ok heres a video game.....a real video game made by 1 person. Heres a cartoon. Something i thought cartoon studios could do. These guys are showing us ideas they have. their trying to do what most film directors dont do. this guys dont even get paid and yet they still send their work to us with the abuse and none-helpful remarks." Aaron you keep it up man. all i can say is i am an animator and because of that i now know how it feels to read things people say to something you really put your all into.