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Reviews for "Arrogancy Game Demo"

i guess i don't get it

it doesn't make sense to me why as her resistance goes down so does my confidence, i thought that her having lower resistance meant that i was making progress with her? o well

This game is stupid....

This doesn't go with your series at all.When the hell are you gonna finish that series anyway?hey listen you have great animation but lets face it you only make flashes when your bored then ask people to donate money for them,we wont see the real game until two years from now.Do us all a favor and finish your series before anyting else.Your cool as an artist but weak as a flash artist.

taaakes to fuuckin loooong

takes to god damn lomng to do everything. to run, just to make decisions, to hear responses.


I really love the arrogancy cartoons, but i'm sorry this is one of the least entertaining dating sim type games i've played, maybe if you did an action game that fit the series better, it would work out better.


it was ok...well, the graphics of him running? it sucked. and what also sucked was the scenes with the girls, it took 30 seconds for them to think about what u said and then reply. too slow. actually i think it was pretty crap all in all, but the storyline was ok, it was just the game that sucked.