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Reviews for "Arrogancy Game Demo"

I got tired of it after a couple of minute...

It just didn't feel right.
But please, finish the full version and I'll play it, see if I like it and maybe even sent you a donation. Your idea is good, very good. I like that. But it sure must be 120% better then this Demo...well, ok, 80% then.
Good luck. ;)


ok... thats all i can say about this game it is a relly good story and all but every thing is WAY TOO SLOW... if you just would speed it up it would be fine and if you added a few other things but im not going to waste my time saying them but they are there.. so well this game isn't all that great but not bead so it OK but not the kind on ok that you say to an alright game its an ok thats a little lower.. so thats my review of this ok game.. later

It's quite boring...

The system introduced was kind of intriguing, but after I won over the first girl with ease I quit the game, for it got boring.

It was slow as well. The pacing and physicallity were slow, that is.

Nothing too new or interesting.


Mann ... that was very confusing ... I couldn't understand the interface, and how the game really worked.

Arrogancy..just isn't this.

Arrogancy is probably one of my favorite net series ever. I commend you for your work on the entire project, but this...just isn't up to standards man. When I think of arrogancy, I think of an ass-kicking dude with psi energies and a hot chick sidekick...This isn't arrogancy. Arrogancy must have had a bad day because he moves like molasses uphill with a cow strapped to the back. The sound is irritating in its entirety, that 15 second clip that plays during the flirting sections is enough to drive any sane person..insane. And why for the love of god do I have to wait 20 seconds after I choose something. I'm not even sure what happened after some choices, and then I have to wait some more. When I saw this I expected it to be some awesome side scrolling beat em up...But everything about this, except your excellent artistic style is definately not up to par with your usual stuff. If you do intend to continue this game..(Although I really reccomend you don't..)

#1 Bump up arrogancy's running speed.
#2 Cut the wait time between choices..Make sure a response is actually given.
#3 Keep arrogancy's personality..I doubt, even with his title, he would go up to people and "Tell them how wonderful he is". Lame lame lame.
#4. Add the arrogancy ass kicking. Arrogancy and ass kicking are synonymous in my book. Arrogancy without major ass kicking isn't arrogancy.