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Reviews for "Arrogancy Game Demo"

eh it's ok

only good for like the first 5 minutes then it just gets boring. It's just that the game runs real slow and I got dsl!

arrogancy responds:

Upgrade to a T3 and the game might run faster for you then. After all, Internet connection speeds directly determine the speed of loaded Flash games :)




this runs slow as HELL on my computer. maybe becuase its a worthless piece of shit with a pentium 2 processor...

What does that make me?

I really liked playing this game though i must admit it was only because i got to flirt with the woman. I really liked the song it played. Can i get a copy of that? Wait a minute...if i'm a girl and i like flirting with girls on a game......what does that make me? *cough cough* Well i just can't wait for the full version game, this one was too short and there were only two girls and one fight. *sigh*


was ok 4 a demo definitely had a few glitches and gameplay could be explained?? it was aal guess work but overall will be a good game when its complete i reckon