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Reviews for "Arrogancy Game Demo"

Not bad for a demo

Hopefully the completed version fixes up some of the problems this game has...but otherwise it's pretty fun for the fact that it's a demo!


Simple and blunt. Graphics where nice, RpG was ok, But boring repeditive I wanna see something that will give me motive to play. Like Right in the beging you should have given anime porn or something to give people motive. And Stop ranking on your own game every 3 sec. First time it was almost funny.

It's Ok.

It's ok but the graphics..I've seen better. but it's a good idea.

arrogancy responds:

This is serious question - where have you seen better graphics in a Flash game (that is not 3D/polygonal)? I've never seen anything with this mix of amount of original art/depth, parallax scrolling, etc. Email me and let me know - I want to check it out.


Why the hell do you people release demos when all it does is make you work more? Graphics kinda sucked, when you moved the whole screen blurred.


it was ok 4 a demo. "battle" system was weird.