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Reviews for "Arrogancy Game Demo"

not another demo..........

cool. but im scared this is gonna be like Hentai Simgirl and never get finished, as long as the full version gets made, and is about 20 times as big it'll be a good game. till then you only get a 7

btw you put "youup" for flirting instead of "you up" fyi

hmm its not bad a bit short, but good

Graphics: there are good but they could be a bot better
Sounds:nice backing music
Interactivity:lots to do
Stlye: diffenert than most games
Violence:not alot
Humor: i like the way you take the piss out of yourself

Too hard

The game is so hard! But I like the part when Ness from Outbound show up...hihihi...I think ill give it a 7...cuz it's good too


good game but you need to put a finished vershin on newgrounds

Well, I'm normally not into RPGs but this wasn't bad. The best part is how mobile you are. Okay, you still can't go into the houses, but you get the idea. There's definitely a sense of being able to move around. I couldn't seem to go to the beach. I thought it was a dating sim at first.

You know, the way you talked to the girl. Well, it would be rated A probably. I know how risqué those can get. The music is very nice. While not really my thing, not bad.