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Reviews for "Arrogancy Game Demo"


The instructions link only links to the main website, good way to get hits! but doesnt help with the game. Also didnt get the point of the whole thing, maybe i have to watch arrogancy or something. It looks promising all-in-all, but i cant make up my mind that quickly.

arrogancy responds:

Would that be the instructions link that tells you the basic game mechanics or the faq that tells you detailed game mechanics and gives a complete walkthrough of the game? Both of which link to my site as that's the easiest way to update and add to them.

its good ^_^

dont listen to the naysayers.. with all the other elements you say you're adding to the game, i can see it will be really good.. since its playable right now, even if only to some extent..

i loved the offhand remarks about rpg's the characters you talk to make though XD

arrogancy responds:

Yeah, I'm starting to see that the mistake we're making when designing this game is making a game that appeals to gamers as opposed to something simplistic and mass-marketable that appeals to your average 13 year old. I mean, 90% of the people who are playing this game won't get half of the in jokes - I should have learned my lesson reading the reviews of Domo-Kun.

Expect the full game to be exponentially dumbed down with tons of naked women and profanity in it :P

Not bad

It's not bad. Frankly whatever there is to be said was said by jamus_se below me. It's a decent game, and with some work could be the next "hot" dating simulator, even though i find them to be a waste of time personally.

Mucho Lag-o.

Way too laggy. I couldn't even beat that video game sprite man. What game is he from again? Looks so familiar but I just can't remember... Some old Nintendo game... Doesn't matter, just... Try to do something about the lag.

good potential but....

Am I the only one who notices that no matter what action you pick your confidence goes down. I mean what the hell? If you fix that I don't see why this wont be a great game.