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Reviews for "Arrogancy Game Demo"


Not slow on my PC, works absolutely fine. Nice game, hope to see the finished version soon. :D

pretty good..

that's not bad! but there should be a way to regain confidence... how do use items!?! cant u use them for you!?! i got blocked after having beaten the guy... when i try to go further, my guy just stays out of the screen and nothing happens...

arrogancy responds:

The FAQ explains everything to you - but just to save time, drag and dropping the energy bar onto your character once you buy it, or getting a positive score in the arcade game, will allow you to regain confidence.

Not bad for a demo

Hopefully the completed version fixes up some of the problems this game has...but otherwise it's pretty fun for the fact that it's a demo!

not bad....

this ish an okies game butt can use some more of letting us play it a little bit more though. like making thea demo a little longer.

where is the full version?

the game says the full virson is coming out winter 2003 well its summer 2006 i think it should be out by now dont you i want to play the full virsion