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Reviews for "Arrogancy Game Demo"

Took me forever and a day to download

given NG's current bandwidth, but I'd say it wa worthwhile. The original art is very rewarding in itself. Plus, the game mechanics make it a lot of fun, too. I think the original Arrogancy series was before my time, but I'd heard about it, and expected this game to be a great one when it showed up on the portal. I hope that this gets daily feature.

arrogancy responds:

I see you're making a RPG, yourself. Working on this I know - it CAN be done, but it's a rather tremendous undertaking. The amount of art, writing, and music that is going into this is ridiculous - and there are tons of programming hassles.

Great game

I can see this is gonna be a fantastic game, even though it isnt finished. Its really fun to play and the graphics are easy on the eye, and the jokes were pretty funny.Keep makin this stuff

I think it could been better

Ut was okay but the moves are too slow and the graphics, oh they're a little......

I like this one

Hey, your game is very cool but, still it has to be fixed, the speed seems to be the problem, everything goes soooo slowww.
The sound needs some effects too, But hey!! It's a demo, so work hard on it, and work Fast please, I really want to play the final release!!


Really nicely made i hope u can finish the whole thing soon cuz i really like this idea u got here. There were a little problems there and here like the thing that it skips arouund... ALOT. but maybe cuz of my shitty computer. I dont know it could of been that i hope the next one will have some voices in it. I hope u can finsh this soon. If the problem for your voicing is tat u dont have anough ppl i can help wit that. I dont know maybe conside it . once again FUCKING KICK ASS GAME.