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Reviews for "Arrogancy Game Demo"


very cool is this like a demo for a real online game or like one u buy cuz it suck to play this then play it online but cool game think u could make the guy go faster when he moves but all and all a good game thanx judo

Pretty coo but....

I donno I don't like the random answers from the females...they don't really seem like they reply to what you specifically said, also....you don't say much to begin with he says the same line everytime, BUT...it's a coo game and I'll play the full version cause I liked it. I also like the RPG humor you used like the first charachter welcoming you to the town lol. Good stuff!!


it reminds me alot of any RPG but it lacked alot, i hope to see the full version and how expansive it really is...it has the structure of a good RPG but it needs way more, if your not a rpg fan at all you will hate this game

Good job

I hope everything you promised is in the full version, that’s basically everything this demo lacked...

Let's get shallow...

Honestly, only a seasoned aries like myself could understand the "flirt battle" system on this game. Of course, I didn't need to read the faq either. (laughs) Seriously, Arrogancy made a comeback here, and I'm glad he did. Good game overall, though I'll be much happier when it's completed. Fun anyway, and again, we like games...

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