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Reviews for "Arrogancy Game Demo"

great game

that was great ive always liked arrogancy and a while ago whe i saw the video i didden think it would be great but it really was i liked how uve done the back rounds the interactivity greathow u can talk to all those peeps and i find the factu have to hit on wimen to get to the guy (as the front page said all in all i love it!!!

i guess i don't get it

it doesn't make sense to me why as her resistance goes down so does my confidence, i thought that her having lower resistance meant that i was making progress with her? o well

This game kicks ass

I have to agree about the ending being a let down, but there is so much potential here. Keep at it!

This is a really great game

There is one hell of a let down though
if you submit this to newgrounds, how many people do you think are gonna buy the full version?
I dont think any would.
that is the sukky bit of it, cause if you werent so greedy id be giving a ten.
Its your call.

love the game!!!!

its the next step in sim dating sort of