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Reviews for "Arrogancy Game Demo"


I always loved games that are like animes. This game rox all. It is awsome I thankith thee.

Not bad

It's not bad. Frankly whatever there is to be said was said by jamus_se below me. It's a decent game, and with some work could be the next "hot" dating simulator, even though i find them to be a waste of time personally.

Halfway there...

When I first heard about the Arrogancy Game, I was really excited: there're a lot of good elements going game-concept wise, and so I had pretty high expectations of what comes out of the box.

It's hard to say that I'm disappointed, but seeing that this is a demo, there's still plenty of time to make this better.

So let me just run down all the categories and then add some notes:

Graphics: There's some elements in the game that I really liked: the reflection on the mirror obviously is a nice eye candy, and the multi layered scrolling is always nice. I'm a little disturbed about the use of sprite art, though, especially when it stands out like a complete eye sore in comparison to the rest of the art in the game. However, that is your decision... I personally feels really distracted by it but if others disagree, then go ahead with it.

Sound: Sorely missing, and the BGM is strangely low in volume. I can barely hear the BGM after cranking my system volume and the speakers all the way up.

Interactivity: The mini-game seems strangely jerky compared to the rest of the interface. The problem comes when the sprite stops moving with the mouse or if it starts striking or starts a victory pose. It could be a feature, but it does make the mini-game abyssmally annoying and hard to beat.

It might be better to have a coherent interface... if you start with the keyboard, stick with the keyboard. If you start with a mouse, stick with a mouse. If you have a key for all the other actions, it might help to have it used for attack, too.

Style: The aforementioned "pixelation problem" makes it very painful for me to enjoy the game. The character looks clean but suffers from low quality pixelation, they seemed overly detailed for the game's screen size. And you can probably pull less puns about the game's redundency in the dialogs. I'm guessing it could be a by-product of the demo, but puns like this is only funny the first time you pull it, then it gets really annoying.

Violence/Humor: The game was intended to be neither, so there should be no disputes about those.

Other Notes: The dating contest still seems rather random; it seems as if you can select the same option over and over once you found out which option works. It doesn't help that the character's facial expression doesn't change no matter what choice you make.

Best wishes. It'd be sad if a game with such great potentials go to waste!

looks good... but

looks good, but its to slow and uneventful. It looks like you spent a lot of time on this but i really just dont see the point.

good concept...

liking the idea...short..but its a demo so I can't complain. Your critics aren't really that bright as you can tell by there...umm to put it lightly disgusting grammar. Anyway keep with it I'd like to review the full ver.