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Reviews for "Arrogancy Game Demo"

yea so

I can tell this is something that I will vote 5 for. I can tell it is a grat game. I can tell itis something that a lot of people will be playing when the full version comes out. But for now, the way it was set up and how there were NO intructions for anything, I will tell you I was bored and I Gave it 5 minutes before I threw up all over it.

D Chi

Not too bad, I liked the references you made. Like in your reponse about a Commodore 64. In the full version, will it be possible to interact with Ness? Also, that guy from River City Ransom, for some reason he looks like a weird version of that old soccer game. The one where they do flip kicks that make the ball bounce around like a pinball then knock out the goalie. Keep up the good work, and mullets rock!


not much i can say

its a pretty good game

(style was an 8 cus its kind of original i have seen a few games like it tho)

Mucho Lag-o.

Way too laggy. I couldn't even beat that video game sprite man. What game is he from again? Looks so familiar but I just can't remember... Some old Nintendo game... Doesn't matter, just... Try to do something about the lag.


This game was ok and it showed real potential but really it didn't hold my interest for very long