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Reviews for "Arrogancy Game Demo"

Not so sure about this.

Err... the graphics are alright. There's nothing wrong with the way anything is drawn... it's just that you have different styles incorporated that shouldn't be drawn together. You may have had plenty of fine art training, but take it a step further and use styles that complement each other. I like the random Ness riding his bike, and the sunlight glaring at the screen when you walk by. Good effect. The sound ... is ... awful. The first area has this crappy kiddie game music, then the next area has an upbeat techno tune? First off, that makes no sense. Secondly, both of the songs suck :( The game is very interactive, as it should be. In sim games, this category is pretty much a given. On a side note, what the hell is up with the intro? It was pretty lame. Style is pretty good. Unlike other sim games, you actually move the character around. On another side note, I have to agree with what people have been saying about the movement speed. I don't know about other people's computers, but mine is a beast and I know the game isn't running slow. However, when his 'running' animation is intialized, it looks like he's going into an all-out sprint. Yet, he only goes so fast. It takes a little more than 6 "steps" to get from Stephanie to Josh in the first area. That should be walking speed. Maybe it should take half as many for running speed. Violence isn't that great. I realize it's only a demo, but based off what there is in front of me, it sucks. Not much humor in this. However, the little instances of old video games do spruce it up a bit.
Overall, this demo is average. It has a lot of potential, but it could go either way. Hopefully the full release doesn't suck :P
P.S. - Maybe you shouldn't flame people who review your game. You think that's gonna make more people interested in your works?

arrogancy responds:

1) Every background type has a different look and "feel" to differentiate the areas and feelings of each section of the town. The residential area is "sketchy" and "loose," the shopping district is cold and sterile, the club is bright/special effect happy and flashy, etc. Arrogancy, being the outsider, never quite fits in with his surroundings, while the townspeople do (You see more of that in the full game). That was a conscious artistic decision on my part as was...

2) Every song is scored to match the background (except the fight music, which is a stand-in). For instance, the bouncy town music is for the loose and sketchy residential area, while the cold and soft electronic music is for the town. I know you're probably used to people just downloading random popular music that you're familiar with, but I don't do that. More people appreciate the music as opposed to thinking that it sucks, and more importantly, I'm happy with it.

3) The intro fits in with the overall story (including the rest of the intro which was included in the demo due to file size). The game is heavily story-based, and much will only make sense with the surrounding story. However, that part of the intro was left in because it directly ties in with Arrogancy; Episode 1.

4) I counted 4 steps. Looks about right to me.

5) The humor is mainly based on references - if you don't get the particular reference, you won't like the humor. The Alex dialogue alone makes many people who played RCR laugh, as it is directly referencing/mocking that game. If you don't get it, that's your fault, really.

6) I care less about scores, especially when most of the ratings come from little kids or people that think as such, and I would rather people dislike me than like me personally ,anyway, because "fan" opinions tend to be just as biased as flamer opinions - just slightly less obvious at times. Thus, when I see stupidty or ignorance in my reviews, I point it out.

If you think they're pissed off now, just wait until they play the full game and have to get a certain score in an IQ test just to get it to play :)

Well, I see room for improvement..

Sorry, but I didn't like it. First of all, it looks really bad. The people stand too much out of the background, like stickers on a postcard or smth. The only thing well drawn were the babes (I only saw two anyway, before I had enough and closed the game). "Mr Arrogancy" runs so slow, my grandma could have beat him in a race. And what the fuck is wrong with the people standing around and doing NOTHING? They don't even give you any useful information, I think you should leave them out. The flirting with the babes looked OK, but I didn't get the point of it wot to do/say to make her want you.
All in all, it's obvious you've put a lot of work in it, but please - take a look at the dating sim "Frank's adventure" and learn smth from it. I wish you luck with your future works.

arrogancy responds:

1) I disagree. I have a rather unbiased eye, even though I created it, given my fine art training, and not much in Flash looks better.

2) The people standing out were and aesthetic choice given the variety of backgrounds and such in the full game. I decided to stick with a certain line width to fit in with the majority of the town while still standing out enough so that the average player would know to talk to them. You've only seen two backgrounds out of the entire game.

3) Arrogancy runs slow because your computer is crap. Sorry, but you need to upgrade.

4) If i were to animate every townsperson, the game would jump up one or two megs, and your crap computer would run the game even SLOWER. It's a Flash limitation. It's just a demo, so the relevance of the townspeople's information isn't even applicable yet. Duh.

5) Frank's Adventure is an extremely dumbed down version of the full game, really. There isn't anything I can learn from it because you can ALREADY do everything in that game and 5 times as much more in mine thusfar.

pretty but dull

it's a neat engine, i guess. i don't know, i've had a lot more enjoyment from shitty but clever stick games. i blammed it because a boring tech demo, no matter how pretty, is still a boring tech demo.

meh.... its was 'alright'

the ..game looked..cool.. but after about 2 mintues play i got bored, and basically like most sim games.. reluctant girl.. and other by standers.. bah..nothing new..


It got really boring, really quick. Just like any other dating sim...I mean its different but pretty much its the same thing in a way. Like I said...I just got bored really fast.