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Reviews for "Arrogancy Game Demo"


But a little too straight-forward for me...want coke, lemme go get some. Want money, let me go gamble, dog runs fast lemme go buy some shoes, etc.

Still fun though :)


The guy walks too slow and the music was annoying. Make it have more variety in music and make the game have a fast response.

Hmm...WAS a fan

Not quite sure, but this kinda sucked. Just try to make it a littel better, listen to the people. I'm sure it'll get better. Just try a little harder.

I expected more.

Not to be an ass, but i thought this game was gonna be better. The guy moves too slow, not enough girls, and you dont get shit for seccesfully talking to them.

Hmm.. Way too slow

The game looked like it could be very cool indeed, but then when you get to the actual playing it is largely dissapointing.

Here are my gripes:

1) The guy moves way too slow for the amount of walking you do. It takes absolutely forever to get from one screen to the other, and there is only about 1 chick per screen. The other characters add little or nothing to it.

2) The whole strategy of the dating and how you do it was way too guess-based. For example, I very often got (Try to second guess what she wants) or something like that over and over again. At first I would guess from the very expressionistic faces, but then I kept getting this line and the answer was different each time. To win, you simply guess over and over again?

3) On top of the guy running slowly, the conversation went extremely slowly as well, especially the dating. It would take 10+ seconds to go between questions. It should be much more fast paced, and unless you're making my computer do huge calculations (something I doubt) then there is no reason it should be so slow.

4) When I finally guessed my way to a girl, all it does is give me a score bonus and say I've won. Nothing else happens. This was perhaps the most dissapointing thing of all. I'm simply running infinite date loops to get points? Something should happen if you win. (AKA a kiss, or the girl leaves, or something)

I hope you improve these things. If you do, you'll have a very solid game on your hands. If you don't... I won't be playing the full version.