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Reviews for "Arrogancy Game Demo"

Too hard

The game is so hard! But I like the part when Ness from Outbound show up...hihihi...I think ill give it a 7...cuz it's good too

Something Different

I enjoyed the spoofs on River city ransom and Earthbound. I can tell you played allot of RPGS with some of those comments. Too bad good rpgs are lacking these days. I like how you went about this as an actual rpg instead of a short flash game. It's a good change. You should however, make Arrogancy move faster. You really need to speed him up. The music can get a little repetitive also. You could add another track in a screen and switch them off or something like that. Anyways, good job I figured I'd give some ideas since you have not released it yet.

Dragon Warrior

This isn't ment for newgrounds, it's too big

I liked it but it is too big for newgrounds.

arrogancy kicks ass

I gave you an 8 so you will feel like finishing this so you can get my 10