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Reviews for "WT, then some (Clay)"

Its ok

Its ok but its to short i mean look at knoxs clay cartoons they have there arms rided off stabed and they still go even if that happened in real life they would die but he just got stab once and died

DrNeroCF responds:

you didn't listen during the credits, did you? hehe


Good :P

Er I Put 10/10 for everything couse im stupid and Couse i Love Claymations

DrNeroCF responds:

ignorance is bliss... you done good!

funny lol

it wasnt that good tel at the end at the credits when hes like dude get up your made of clay it will heal "but it hurts"


Not so good. Really bad storyline, too short and the filesize is way too big.

DrNeroCF responds:

yet it's still 6th in your favorites list.... hehe

You are amazing!

You are Equal to KNOX in amazingness!

All your movies are great and I like your use of sounds and such!!

It would be an honour to work with you someday!