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Reviews for "WT, then some (Clay)"

It was actually pretty cool. I sent it to my frien

It was actually pretty cool. I sent it to my friends


smooth claymation all the way.


that was awsoem it was really funny at the end.

nice job DrNeroCF

great job with this clamation. pretty clever (the arrow part, not to give anything away)and nice soundtrack. i liked the camera effects also- good to see a claymation with people who have faces and look more like people than amoebas

DrNeroCF responds:

hehe, amoebas...wonder who that's pokin fun at...hehe

thanks for the review!

[nothing against amoebas, just crappy claymating]

Move over, Knox!

That was one of the better claymation movies I've seen. I liked the "Hero Labs" logo (starts by showing your hand moving it, then speeds up to normal. Clever.) for one thing, and how it wasn't like the cliché "Oh, I'm William Tell! Oops, I aimed too low!!1!" I didn't really understand what he meant by "That should've been my head!" Do you mean that it's supposed to be like those cliché things, or did he mean to say "that COULD'VE been my head"?
Anyway, very well done. Knox takes his clay skills for granted, but you actually put effort into it. Especially with the camera angles (the pan-around the yellow guy) and number of movements.
"I wish we had legs."

DrNeroCF responds:

-Nero Labs, hence my alias
-this should've been my head, as in if he wouldn't have ducked (sorry if that's unclear), it would have been cliche, heh.
-'damn these short legs,' hehe