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Reviews for "WT, then some (Clay)"

Knox Take Notes

You are the king of Clay. Way better tehn that Knox fag i hate that guy. Very good claymation.

DrNeroCF responds:

hahahahaha, sounds like you guys either love him or hate him


I liked it. 'Nuff said.

Nice Job!!!

i voted a 5. reviews at an 8 because it could be " A LITTLE" smoother and the audio could stand a bit of filtering. But Kudos... This is nice... I'm the not-so-famous "Action Figure Porno Director" so i know the it takes hella work to create a piece such as this and mine. Your pretty damn good with stop-frame animation. So i'll ask for your opinion on my work. Watch "Plastik Porno ( full )". then reply back and tell me if you think i'm just wasting my time, or, just getting a bad rap because of all the 12 year olds that vote 0 and tell me im perverted. Respond to this review damnit. or not your call. Blah. Blah. Anyways, Let's see you pop off another i enjoy your work. Late.

DrNeroCF responds:

Just watched it and...wow...I feel so dirty...it was pretty damn smooth, but did I really want to see that? No...[shakes violently] Why don't you put that stop-motion skill into something less...eww?

kudos to clay and okay to music

its not bad, the muscic was okay, could have been a bit better, the clay was okay, but came across.

DrNeroCF responds:

you're pretty hard to please, eh?


it was alright. animation was better than knoxs but the humor doesnt come close.