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Reviews for "WT, then some (Clay)"


I cant get over how ive never seen any of ur work before, it's sooo AWESOME!!!! keep up the work! i think ur work is better than knox's!!!! SOOOOO KOOOOOL AWESOME i would give it a 1,000 if i could. MAN it's soooo tight i cant get over how smooooth it is. Gr8 and ill kick ur ass if u dont make some more soon. LAta

DrNeroCF responds:

expect my new one up sometime soon, real soon actually...after that one's out, I think I might take a break, unless I get some donations...


nice work man. I mean, this is like as good as knox's shit. now all you gotta do is make about 20 more of these types of films and then you'll be exactly equal!

I'm glad to see people still do claymation

I like it, the music could use some work, but I think that you decided to use clay instead of animating it on your computer was very origanail I've been watching a lot of moives here at newgrounds and yours is the first claymation I have seen......good job and keep up the good work

DrNeroCF responds:

Hmm, check out some of knox's stuff then, he's got abunch.


this rocks. the only thing i might not like is the choice of music..

"dude, your made of clay" lol

The greatest on the web

This is the greatest damn movie on the web. Besides Celebrity Death Match but i mean thats pro tv but this was damn good keep it up make.

DrNeroCF responds:

but that doesn't mean I can't try to make a movie that good, now does it?