Reviews for "The worst magic.........."

I really enjoyed this one

Very good job on this. I love this entry. I thought that it was funny how David Blaine starved himself to death. I watch him on television sometimes, and he is always doing something crazy. I thought that more would happen with Houdini though.

Slightly-Crazy-Dude responds:

Thanks for the review, i find david blaine too boring thats why i done that.

This is slightly crazy...

Perfect 10! Very funny, tickled my fancy that did. Gave it a 5, I always wanted to see those magicians fuck up. Bout time somebody did this. Sir, I take my hat off to thee!

Slightly-Crazy-Dude responds:

Your a good man lemming a good fucking man. Cheers for the review.

Good Idea - Some Suggestions

This was a good idea and somewhat funny. I liked the animation and style. However it was very short and repetetive (the gravestone part in particular). So I had some suggestions...

~ Beginning - To start, the dark dark red semi-cursive text looks bad on a black background. I would say animate a title like you know, The Worst Magic comes onto the screen, then Ever slams on after it. Something moving, users like progress and movement, not just idle plain, dark, text. If you want to stick with plain use lighter red or blue, I'd say. Also add a unique preloader if you so desire.

~ Interactivity and Animation - Next suggestion would be to add more interactivity. Not just for this but for any game or interactive Flash you make. For this one, I would offer a breif history of each magician and some of their most famous tricks or stunts. I didn't (and don't) even know who Brown is. Also for I would take an extra month and add three more magicians or performers. If you can't think of magicians to add, give a couple options of death for each performer (i.e. Blaine has the box, the icecube, and the underground coffin or whatever). That way not only is the viewer enjoying a nice piece of animation, but they get to interact with it and specify what THEY want to watch. Your animation was very very good. Very nice shading and textures. Backgrounds were good, and the blood was decent as well. So you have that part down pat.

~ Sounds - Needs music, period. You can have one common musical element that plays throughout the Flash, but I would be scene specific and use one song for the main screen, and one little ditty for each magician. It would just add to the fun.

Well that will do it for this edition of Jon can't shutup. Hope some of this helped. This doesn't all necessarily apply to this Flash, you can use it for anything you make.



Slightly-Crazy-Dude responds:

Thanks for the review mate much appreciated. And since your the only one that tried too help me i'll listen too you. The header.....Very boring i know, but i was anxious to get the actual movie started i never really thought about the start, my bad.

I put Queen on it as a test, Its a kind of magic but it didnt really fit in with it for some reason.

Preloader....Im a n00b to all this shit so i thought the Newgrounds one would be an easy way out, lol.

Thanks alot for the suggestions they really help you know...cheers again.

i've heard differently

According to a professional magician i know,
Houdini collapsed on stage while performing a
trick called 'six chicks'. To make things more
dramatic, he's often portrayed as dying while
performing his water torture chamber trick while
in a straitjacket.

Slightly-Crazy-Dude responds:

I know that he died on stage performing the water tank, thats what i heard but that would have been too boring too do...so i put a little ditty of action into it too spruce it up, but it didnt work.

The worst magic...

The worst movie... (this REALLY sux!)

Slightly-Crazy-Dude responds:

Why thanks for the kind words arsehole.