Reviews for "There'll Never Be Another You"

Nice, relaxing Jazz!

I don't know why you were so apoligetic it your comments, this is great!

Marty256 responds:

Thanks heaps :) i really appreciate it.

Eye opener

It started out all calm and simplistic, then you perfectly transitioned to a big Jazzy song with such a wild bass to compliment the piano. then you calm is back down with the bass, but then the high-hats come in and speed things up a bit, then those drums catch on and the piano player starts it up again. This song is great!
you get 10 gold stars =)
and it's going on my Zune
and i might use it in upcoming videos of mine
You know what? i think ill make it my start up noise for my computer.
Thats how good of a job you did

PS I like the bass solo in the middle-ish there

Marty256 responds:

Haha awesome time-line description:)
Thanks heaps for the kind words & taking the time out to comment!

Great Peice

Great Rhythm, style and texture, I was really impressed by your other piece - I had Dowloaded it onto my Ipod and showcased it at school for our weekly music class spent sharing newly found music, all credit was given of course - and decided to check out your other work[s]

First off, wonderful compositions, I play in a Brass oriented Jazz band and hearing this piece gave me a great perspective of the side of jazz that isn't dominated by trumpet hooks and trombone glissando's

The Feel was so laid back and yet still [and this is the only way I can describe it as] Filling, there were no long stretches where one instrument demanded more attention was due, and there were few spots where the music itself lacked in substance.

From the begining to end, this is by far one of the most enjoyable pieces I've come across on Newgrounds, keep it up and Please subit more.


Just what I was looking for. Thanks!


Amazing work. You deserve to be showcased everywhere.
Australian represent! And christ, you're what- early 20's? It's reassuring to know that we have plenty of talent of our own.

Catchy, smooth and something that anyone could enjoy. Lovely work.