Reviews for "There'll Never Be Another You"

Eye opener

It started out all calm and simplistic, then you perfectly transitioned to a big Jazzy song with such a wild bass to compliment the piano. then you calm is back down with the bass, but then the high-hats come in and speed things up a bit, then those drums catch on and the piano player starts it up again. This song is great!
you get 10 gold stars =)
and it's going on my Zune
and i might use it in upcoming videos of mine
You know what? i think ill make it my start up noise for my computer.
Thats how good of a job you did

PS I like the bass solo in the middle-ish there

Marty256 responds:

Haha awesome time-line description:)
Thanks heaps for the kind words & taking the time out to comment!

Nice, relaxing Jazz!

I don't know why you were so apoligetic it your comments, this is great!

Marty256 responds:

Thanks heaps :) i really appreciate it.