Reviews for "Ghost Motel 5"

Another excellent Episode of Ghost Motel.

This was another great interactive episode of Ghost Motel. I definitely like the idea of the storyline being more interactive. The scene selection menu really comes in handy when you need to go back. I can hardly wait for Ghost Motel 6, keep up the excellent work. :)

Violet-AIM responds:

Hey gamewiz45, thanks for watching & reviewing this episode. I need a little break from ghost motel now, but not to worry, I've got a lot of good things planned for the 6th one, which will make it even better than this one.

this series rules!

this whole series is really cool, very creative and interesting, i liked ur idea on the thoughtforms, that was also very creative, plz keep makin these, they're awesome!

Violet-AIM responds:

Wow, it's been awhile since I checked this old review, sorry for the late reply. I haven't been on NG much lately since I've been really busy with other things. Oh, and about the thoughtforms, I had heard of that word somewhere in a spirituality book. A lot of the ghost motel concepts are like a blend of different spiritual beliefs and ideas, yet put in a fictional fantasy setting. Glad to hear that you like ghost motel. Thanks for the review. :)


It was fun with "choose the right tunnel"! lol!

keep it up!

Violet and XX is cool

This was the first episode I watched

I just stumbled acoss it looking for ghost stuff andever since watching the entire thing of episodes I'vebeen hooked on ghost motel. This altogether is the best game/movie onthe net in my opinion. Ihopethisishelpful even though most people dont put 10/10 much Ithinkit deserves 10/10 andI really enjoy ghost motel andI'm anxiously awaiting episode12.

Thank you XwaynecoltX @ Violet AIM

From,Your biggest ghost motel fannatic


Another great installment