Reviews for "Ghost Motel 5"


the music doesnt fit the battle lol xD and i also liked that message about the lights was funny but u still need actors xD eh...ray owns

Just... fine.

Quite entertaining, it had tons of interactivity. The voicec sometimes are heard in the wrong moment tought.

I like that guy Ray, he's impressive =o

pretty good

good adtion. it was kinda cool with the fight scene but i wish your character had some kind of goast attck of doom to kill the spider demon lady. the sound was good again and the gprahics were awesome

this episode didn't exactly follow the series most of it was about thoughcrystals

graphics- better because of spider demon lady

style- still origional idea

sound- good like others

violence- fight scene

interactivty- not as much as other episodes

hum or- kinda funny

A Pretty Good Addition


Once again, the sound was pretty good in this flash; it went with the theme of it. The graphics were pretty good, and this one was pretty interactive... I like how you did that. The voice acting has improved in this flash quite a lot, too.


Well, I went into the wrong tunnel, and pressed on the 6'th secne in the scene selction,a dn it automatically took you to the right tunnel! I thought it would take you back to te selection, seeing as the picture was a question mark and everything... once again, the speech bubbles looked a little unprofessional.

Another great additon!

~The Pros~
This flash had really great animation present throughout all of it. It was incredible! The animation was really smoothand had no flaws throughout it. The backgrounds were really good as well. I liked the traditional change of music. It was a really good tune for this flash! The voice acting definitley showed some improvement from the previeous game. There was definitley a lot more emotion in the voices then there were in any other game. The puzzle in this flash was really annoying. The first thing I did was go into the left tunnel, and I found the map. However, it really didn't make any sense. Did I read it wrong or was it just a layout of the tunnels?

~The Cons~
The layout of the three tunnels inside of the tunnels wasn't that good. I liked how you tried to make it 3D, but it didn't work out so well. Also, the fight did not include the main character, but I hope Joseph will fight in the 6th.

Overall, this game was yet another great addition to the series. I loved it! I hope you benefit from this review!
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4 out of 5