Reviews for "Ghost Motel 5"


what the helll is she wearing who cares too good for words

This one was nice and easy!

That was fun to watch! No hard-ass riddles like the ones in Ghost Motel 4!

o am hooked

so awsome


geats better and better

This was the first episode I watched

I just stumbled acoss it looking for ghost stuff andever since watching the entire thing of episodes I'vebeen hooked on ghost motel. This altogether is the best game/movie onthe net in my opinion. Ihopethisishelpful even though most people dont put 10/10 much Ithinkit deserves 10/10 andI really enjoy ghost motel andI'm anxiously awaiting episode12.

Thank you XwaynecoltX @ Violet AIM

From,Your biggest ghost motel fannatic