Reviews for "Ghost Motel 5"

Liked it!

Graphics weren't too stellar though.

Violet-AIM responds:

okay thanks

Wow it was really good!

You almost make me jalous guy! I mean ... it was so sweet! Plus the thoughtform thing was a pretty cool idea too. I'm not sure about what all the gore things had to do with the whole movie (trying to scare Joseph?) but anyway I liked the whole movie a lot! Great job dudes!
P.S.: I checked as soon as you told me Wayne!

Violet-AIM responds:

Thanks Mystboy for the review. That thoughtform thing was something I heard about when I was researching spirituality. But of course in this flash, it's used for energies. About that gore stuff, you're right, it was to scare him or put him in a trance.

Hello Man !!! You remember me????????

Man its talent continues growing each more shining time, if you do not remember me you made one review on its film ghost motel 4 and later you review in ghost used this 4 motel outtakes, good more goes to important, the its film the these pretty graficos each time seems that you more improvement! it continues thus and it continues making more ghost motels!

you is a great talent, Until next time!

Violet-AIM responds:

Hey gabrielX! Yeah, I remember you, it wasn't that long ago. Thanks a lot for coming back again to watch more of this series!! I appreciate your support & reviews. :)


i have no idea why i like this series.. its probably because of that pink car lol

Violet-AIM responds:

lol :)


I like this series a lot, it's not like a lot of other movies/games on newgrounds, where its just boobs, beer, guns, and/or fighting, but it has a good story and plot. Please make more.

Violet-AIM responds:

We plan on making more. Thanks for the encouragement.