Reviews for "Ghost Motel 5"

Right on...

Neato!!!!!!! I like this a lot even if its not real. It appeals to the weirdo in me that likes paranormal thingies :)
The last person needs to chill the fuck out; its just a damn game (re-read the author's comments you stupid fuck)
A bit slow in some places, would be nice if some other activities happened along the way. May I also suggest for someone who is interested put a link or two on paranormal activities. Always a laugh and never dull there!

Violet-AIM responds:

Thanks for the support. I agree, paranormal stuff is freaky and interesting.... funny how the topic is capable of offending someone... when it is something there just for our own entertainment or just something to think about.

Pretty Good...

If only you knew Livecorpse...anyway, that game was pretty good, the interactivity was average, althought the tunnel searching was a little irritating. I liked the idea of bringing different spiritual concepts into the game, and you should not give Violent-AIM a bad review because you don't, nothing wrong with a little spirituality. BTW Faces of Death is so damn stupid, who's the idiot who sends video-taped murders or deaths to make a movie, that's bullshit.

Violet-AIM responds:

Thanks for sticking up for me, I think he misinterpreted the point of ghost motel (which is taking some weird & interesting theories and twisting it for the purpose of entertainment.)


I like this series, it has neat animations and the style of animation is always great. This game had a solid storyline and the underworld music was neat. I liked the text choosing tool and overall this was a great game, i must add that the ideas of this game was alos great. Great work and im a fan of this cool series

Violet-AIM responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!


How much time does it take to make all those doors? Well you probably repeated a few. I mean I didn't go in all of them as I am a lean mean game completing machine :) But it was quite a good game. But I think the fourth was more difficult though, just to say.

Violet-AIM responds:

Thanks thepromaster! It did take me awhile to make those doors, like which ones led to where and then leading up to about 9 different possible rooms or endings. This one is easier, also to give a break to the people who had so much trouble with the 4th one. I'll try to make it more challenging in the next one ... but I figure I'd get people on the other side complaining how hard it is. lol

This series is getting better and better

Great job guys! I really liked the improvments on gfx! Well done!
There was one point when the voice came before it was supposed to. When Ray and Joseph entered the hole to the underworld, Joseph started talking even before they hit the ground.
A bit more point-and-click to look at things (as in GM4) interactivity in the tunnels would've been better but it was good. Yes, the flashing light was somewhat annoying but it was good that you pointed it out before. I probably would prefer shorter bursts of flashing here and there.

Keep up the good work!

Violet-AIM responds:

We try to improve little by little... thanks for noticing. I had a really hard time with sounds in this flash, for some odd reason. Even though the sound appeared streaming on that specific key frame, it would force itself to appear ahead of time. I tried all kinds of things to prevent that, but there was nothing I really could do about it. I suspected it might've had something to do with the menu selection screen, and how there were so many different endings n stuff, which interferred with it running perfectly. Thanks for the review Istvan! :)