Reviews for ""Girls""


Im gonna help you out with your third goal. 1000 reviews right? One less now.

This flash movie was cool. I liked the idea though. Keep the good work.


you got us girls down pat,


Ya know, they should have a little fucking tab on the side to make all those fucking things 10's ....god damn. Ok....I liked it, i just couldnt stand rating it. So here goes it, remember that time that one girl shot me cause i rubbed her tummy, turns out she wanted me to shit on her face, so that she could clean it off. I then spent alot of time eating beans to prepare for the oncoming onslaught of shit, by the time i saw her she was bleeding out her ass from a gangbang. I rushed to her as fast as i could to shit on her face, but her mouth was closed and it just went right back up my ass.

That was pretty accurate.

Except, to be even more accurate, she would have kept trying to be with the punk because girls are crazy like that (goddamnit).


...I liked the last bit though.