Reviews for ""Girls""

response to last review:

Why do they go for the whorst guy for them? That's like asking why did eve take the fruit and damn us all. The only reasoning I have ever made with towards women is unlike a man they are less in touch with their instincts... beyond that I could only say that God has a sick sense of humor!

Very True

A very acurate portrail of what most woman in the world look for, good show


Well i found this video rather stupid at the same time made me chuckle well olny once but that counts but yeah i guess u did pretty good u did it in one day well try not to do your other stuff in one day cause maybe i might suck like this one did well good luck in the future...


Way to express yourself man. Rock on, rock on.

It is true man

Alotta girls are so blind that they cant see a good thing right in front of their eyes but girls like that dont know what the hell they want they just want what they think they should want