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Reviews for ""Girls""

This movie made no sense

I did not understand this movie at all and NO i cant relate, does that make me an asshole? What kind of she-male wrote this garbage and has the time to do so? This person has issues.

human nature in a flash

very true, I do all the work, then she goes off with some punk and i catch the flack.

but you forgot the part where she tears out your heart with her best hands and then dances on it.

response to last review:

Why do they go for the whorst guy for them? That's like asking why did eve take the fruit and damn us all. The only reasoning I have ever made with towards women is unlike a man they are less in touch with their instincts... beyond that I could only say that God has a sick sense of humor!

Very True

A very acurate portrail of what most woman in the world look for, good show


Well i found this video rather stupid at the same time made me chuckle well olny once but that counts but yeah i guess u did pretty good u did it in one day well try not to do your other stuff in one day cause maybe i might suck like this one did well good luck in the future...