Reviews for ""Girls""


seems a lot like my girlfreind

Why is everyone so mad?

I'm a femme, and I watched your flick, and I honestly don't understand why people are writing the reviews they're writing. It's a fucking flash for gods sakes. And even if it did express an honest opinion on your part, so what. There are women haters all over the world, and there are men haters as well (but we call them lesbians). Get over yourselves people. He was just making a joke. There are stupid men jokes too. If you're that pissed, make a flash of your own downing on men.

Afro-Ninja responds:

damn straight!


look you dont have to hide it! your gay! and you are angry because girls made you gay! so you made this GAY flash in hopes to make everyone think that you arnt gay when you really are a fucking flaming HOMO!!
i mean jesus! pull the fuckin tampon out of your ASS and quit crying about how girls dont like you!!

Afro-Ninja responds:

ahahaha, this seriously made me laugh out loud

I understand completely!

The point behind this movie is clear. Women leave the nice, caring guys in the dust and go straight for guys who will not give a damn about anything, including them. Good job! Maybe this cartoon will show girls how they really are.


You make some valid points...all though, you were driven by SOMETHING....i can't quite put my finger on it.
Some girls are just bitchy.
"by mistake, when ii was rushing bak into ur buring house i knowed ur house mat outta place"
bitch....man, she reminds me of girls i know...O.O