Reviews for ""Girls""

good stuff...

i thougtht it was great! it was one of the funniest shows because it totally exaggerates the stereotypical woman. i don't understand why people would get upset at this! perhaps the only ones to get really mad are those whos face they see in the main character and don't want to be called out like that, EH?!?! i thought it was funny....

yea, i can relate to that

its so true! it was sorta the same thing over and over again, but it was ok..

Loved it

Had similar experences. One was with a knife though. That Bitch


seems a lot like my girlfreind

Why is everyone so mad?

I'm a femme, and I watched your flick, and I honestly don't understand why people are writing the reviews they're writing. It's a fucking flash for gods sakes. And even if it did express an honest opinion on your part, so what. There are women haters all over the world, and there are men haters as well (but we call them lesbians). Get over yourselves people. He was just making a joke. There are stupid men jokes too. If you're that pissed, make a flash of your own downing on men.

Afro-Ninja responds:

damn straight!