Reviews for ""Girls""

That was kinda cool

That was true.
And kinda fun to watch, but the graphics wasnt really good.

I've seen this somewhere before

That's right! It's been done to me. Just without physical pain. Yea, some guys will do it too, but I see the shotgun as symbolic. Maybe biting their heads off would have had a better point, but it still made a lot of sense to me. :)


I think that is exagerated, but still it's so true. Girls, even the greatest girl are only attracked by dumbass. This is so true, I mean did you ever saw a beautifull girl with a guy that is not a bad guy or with a beautifull dumbass? I don't think I ever had.

i dont want to be harsh but...

does this really have what it takes to be on the front page. I mean i like it alot but the graphics were just so-so, the music was repetitive. So was the story line. girl talk to boy. girl blow boy's head off. Don't worry, you're doing fine

this was cool as hell

this shit was the bomb it describes a girl perfectly