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Reviews for "Beryllia"

i want to live there

for about a week tops, probably no wifi

good painting overall. it seems like you did it pretty quickly. it would be neat if you added a BIT more color variation to some things, rather than keeping the trees JUST green and yellow, the wood just brown, etc.

i still can't figure out how you get your overall lighting so good and believable. great work once again

AlvinHew responds:

A few of my artist friends suggested that I should experiment with using less colours in my paintings and that I should leave my work more loose and rough in some areas. I decided to try out their advice with this piece.

Of course, being a huge fan of colour, I made some spots very colourful here and there, but the piece overall does indeed compose of only a couple main colours.

Thanks for the review.

it's just

perfect and flawless. Nice work ^^

AlvinHew responds: