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Reviews for "Dopefission"


There are actually other people who've played Commander Keen?!


That was hilarious. Thank you for this pleasant bit of nostalgia.

WOW, Oldskool Apogee

WOW, All the games are here, Commander Keen, the original duke nukem, Halloween Harry. The style is very much like Neil Cicierega's, you almost match the master of wackieness.

Ah, the dopefish *dream*

God, it's been so long since I played Commander Keen, makes me want to go back to the attic and fish it out to give it another whirl. Maybe Bio Menace too.

TmsT responds:

Oh! Oho! "FISH" it out! Oh- oh!!! Ahhahaha! I see what you did there! Yes, VERY clever! Oho! ;D

Wow, that was one epic cartoon! Was it supposed to be an animutation? I mean, you didn't draw anything. It's amazing that you started out so strong! I remember finding out that Dopefish was an in-joke. It's nice for him to join the ranks of the Wilhlem scream and Alfred Hitchcock cameos.

It's great to see him like this. I think a lot of these (if not most) of these depictions weren't made by you. I remember "Commander Keen". Well, I never played it. He is pretty funny.