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Reviews for "Dopefission"


after watching that i am now dumber....a whole lot dumber.....but funny nonetheless


urrr...guy, that was... frightening, that all i can say, well i guess it was funny as well, funny in a frightening sorta way





I loved the way it randomly showed photoshopped images of the Dopefish. Kind of like All Your Base.

The Dopefish is the best video game enemy ever.


There is just not enough Commander Keen on Newgrounds.... ONLY 4?!?! THIS IS LUCIROUS! I basically grew up on such greats games as Commander Keen, i mean it was already kind of old when i got into it (born 1985) but games like this and all the Sierra Hero\Space\King's\Police Quest games a bit earlier... i can't believe there are only 4 movies about Keen.... :..(

Anyway.... Loved the flash man! PERFECT SCORES ALL ROUND!!!!
Spread the love! Commander Keen, it was like Prince of Persia but with guns and more baddies and a POGO STICK!! ID ROCK!