Reviews for "Dopefission"

Best Dopefish Flash

Great job. Best dopefish flash I've seen.


i remember that blue fish from the water level of commander keen! LOL i always played that game on my old 386! lol it brough back some good memories! thanks


Dopefish kicks ass without a shadow of a doubt. One pf the most brain-fcuking animations I've seen!

I always loved commandor keen!

Reminds me of the time when our computer was still able to start the game >_<. too bad commandor keen never became famous.

that song made me think it could end any moment. where did you get it?

i think the funniest pics were the mona lisa, the dopefish 9-11, the people crossing the street and that pringles icon. It almost looks like you had IQ equal to a dopefish, and started to make the movie!

talk about random! the weirdest random flash until now, I think! most of those are fun, so I really liked this one.


Good to see there are still some keen fans out there (even if they are still going on about that damned fish! It's only the second dumbest creature in the universe, I mean come on!) . Umm yeah I'm not really sure what to make of this one, I guess I'll give it an 8 because of the nostalgia...*sigh* by the way, is it possible to get a legal copy of keen 2 and 5 yet?

TmsT responds:

If you pay for it, yeah. ;-\