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Reviews for "Dopefission"

Damn Good

Where in the hell did you get all those pics man. I never knew that thing was used so much. I played commander keen so i know what he is but beyond that I'm stumped. Good job on it. Liked how you fit the song and the animation and it's length is commenorable (dunno how to spell that). Best pic: the license plate on the car.

TmsT responds:

I don't think I'm allowed to mention any other websites here, but the discussion forums of the software companies that are run by the creators of the Dopefish are full of random fan-art of the Dopefish. (Most of the "silly" pictures at the end were made by me, however.) There is also a DOPEFISH website whose URL I cannot mention here, but it's all about the DOPEFISH and contains an in-depth history of the DOPEFISH.


Quite similiar to arfen house. Of utter randomness rest assure randomness is a good thing. Anyways on to the movie, the movie overall a 4.

Great fun, I love that fish

I have no idea what kind of game Commander Keen is, or who Dopefish is, I just know I love this flash and the fish...it's so CUTE! :)

oh man that was awesome!

yeah, you are.

some of your flashes are good, some were crap, this is good.

oh yeah, and what the hell is commander keen?

i know that there are 4 commander keens on the last level of doom 2, so i have seen him, but wat was he on? snes? NES? i wish i knew...

A fellow Commander Keen fan!

It's good to know that there are some of them around on Newgrounds! :D

The best part of the movie is the hectic and hilarious finale!