Reviews for "Dopefission"

Damn Good

Where in the hell did you get all those pics man. I never knew that thing was used so much. I played commander keen so i know what he is but beyond that I'm stumped. Good job on it. Liked how you fit the song and the animation and it's length is commenorable (dunno how to spell that). Best pic: the license plate on the car.

TmsT responds:

I don't think I'm allowed to mention any other websites here, but the discussion forums of the software companies that are run by the creators of the Dopefish are full of random fan-art of the Dopefish. (Most of the "silly" pictures at the end were made by me, however.) There is also a DOPEFISH website whose URL I cannot mention here, but it's all about the DOPEFISH and contains an in-depth history of the DOPEFISH.

I wish I understood...

I've never heard of Dopefish before... But I think if I knew what it was all about, it'd be hilarious... The end was cool.


Awesome Awesome Awesome! I think its about time Dopefish got a great Flash Tribute such as this! Great stuff man!

Fucked up

That was weird man. lol

Yeah ok..

Still don't get it. Cute though.