Reviews for "Dopefission"


too cute ;)

Still one of my favorate TmsT vids

Its an amazing movie, and i remember seeing it for the first time, Amazing, Congrats to TmsT!


I thought, with all the stuff with the dopefish in it, this was kind of like the All your Base video! But... good!! Nice job. *whisper* don't worry I won't tell anyone about the AYB thing K?*whisper*

TmsT responds:

Too late! I already admitted to drawing inspiration from AYB for this in the "short blurb" about Dopefission. (-;

Jamin intro

Wow that dopefish was pretty funny. This was a pretty funny movie. Frist off this was just random and a creative movie. Dopefish is pretty awsome. And this was a fun fun fun flash movie. Best use of pictures ever


That was really great!