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Reviews for "Mario World March #3!"

OW MY HEAD - In a good way :)

"You should really listen to this song while stoned, It's awesome."

To quote another review :)

Nice job! and 21 entrys wow.

:D Happyface


I found this in the related Submissions box in one of my songs, and im shocked that i have not herd this before! Fantabulous job!

This is great!

You have a natural tallent for this kind of thing. I have to say this would make a great ringtone like others have said.

thankyou make more music

this rocks man! u rock man! i luv mario and this song goes straight to my heart :D

10^400k, baby!! w00t!

homina-homina-homina-homina-homina- :o--(drool) SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!