Reviews for "Calendar 2011 NewgroundsPileup"


Now THAT I would buy. You really know your Newgrounds, man. I hope this wins a spot in the calendar!

yellowbouncyball responds:

Thanks a lot brah!

I hope so! :)

Made my day

Wonderful, wonderful piece. I spent a good 5 minutes taking it all in, and was soon laughing in delight at some of my favorite characters. I don't think I've seen a more complete or more accurate portrayal of the NG crew. The collective authors should be proud to see their characters reproduced with such skill.

yellowbouncyball responds:

Wow- thanks friend- I am glad you like it. It was a lot of work and took a lot of research. I was actually taking notes sketching characters going through newgrounds trying to remember all of my favorite works and get an idea of how I wanted to draw the characters.


nough said

yellowbouncyball responds:



Looks truly awesome.

Can you bring this into the store as a poster?

yellowbouncyball responds:

heh wouldn't that be awesome! Thanks for the 10 and kind words- I appreciate it

d'awww <:3

thanks for including my turtle X3
Really nice collaboration of characters u got goin there XD I always imagined the pink knight being a gay knight ya know :|

great stuff :D fav'd again thanks

yellowbouncyball responds:

Thanks dude-

looks like we both got Shafted....

We still have next year- right brah?! lets own these bifchaz