Reviews for "Calendar 2011 NewgroundsPileup"


Unreal piece of work, i'd love to have the talent that you do.
Grats on Front-Page too.

yellowbouncyball responds:

Thanks so much brutha! It took a lot of time and a lot of work but was also a ton of fun! It makes it all worth it to get comments like this-


It has everyone here I can think of....but where's Blockhead(by The Swain)? Great art, nice texture and filled with non stop laughs and action.

yellowbouncyball responds:

Glad you like it-

There are so many awesome Newgrounds characters it is almost impossible to squeeze them all into one piece! I apologize for missing one of your favorites-

Thanks for the 10!


thats all the caracters i ever saw on newgrounds thats must be a hard part of work
cool and that why a 10/10

yellowbouncyball responds:

thanks man! I appreciate it :)

Awesome but...

Why does Larry look so Devilish? XD
But its still awesome regardless

yellowbouncyball responds:

Haha Devilish because... he is knocking a Barbarian into the air? That is just his war face! :) Thanks much for the 10 brutha


i would have given you a 10 but you miss my favorite character on NG

yellowbouncyball responds:

haha Ill take a 9 :) I apologize I did not squeeze Blockhead in there- thanks for the review and high score brah!