Reviews for "Calendar 2011 NewgroundsPileup"

8 cuz...

i gave you an 8 cuz well to be honest i don't like how the castle crashers look and 2 of them are... well... uh... making out sorry man

yellowbouncyball responds:

Ya cuz Pinks a chick brah

Makin out with chicks is cool and shiiiii


its a disgrace this wasnt put in the calender.

yellowbouncyball responds:

I know- I cried a little... (not really)

but it was a kick in the nuts! :) I did get a free calendar out of it though- but its not as cool cuz my arts not in it. Maybe next year. Thanks for the 10

I like it.

Especially the big chicken in the back :3.(Dont know what it comes from)

yellowbouncyball responds:

Thats the Behemoth chicken!


thanks for the 10


Awesome work, friend

yellowbouncyball responds:


I are-preciate it

d'awww <:3

thanks for including my turtle X3
Really nice collaboration of characters u got goin there XD I always imagined the pink knight being a gay knight ya know :|

great stuff :D fav'd again thanks

yellowbouncyball responds:

Thanks dude-

looks like we both got Shafted....

We still have next year- right brah?! lets own these bifchaz