Reviews for "Calendar 2011 NewgroundsPileup"

Great work!

You really out did me with how many characters you jammed packed in the awesome pic. I think I had 24 characters in mine. I dare not count all of the characters you have!

PS - Thanks for adding the demon :) xoxo

yellowbouncyball responds:

Heh I did go a little crazy! I dont even know how many there are...

Demon rawks! :)



its a good pick 1 of ma faves ;D

yellowbouncyball responds:

heh glad you like it- thanks for the 10 brah


Liking the colors, and everyone's to scale. That's new to me, well done boyo

yellowbouncyball responds:

Thanks brutha! I appreciate it-

Pretty good

You forgot nameless and burnt face man and blockhead but still great job!

yellowbouncyball responds:

Haha I know there were a few more I wanted to add but I never would have finished in time if I kept adding more! There are just too many! :) Thanks much for the 10-