Reviews for "Calendar 2011 NewgroundsPileup"


Now THAT I would buy. You really know your Newgrounds, man. I hope this wins a spot in the calendar!

yellowbouncyball responds:

Thanks a lot brah!

I hope so! :)


The intensity and level of color is incredible this year's schedule will have great things yes sir.

yellowbouncyball responds:

Thanks! I hope I am in it! ;)

nice but...

u just moved other pictures to one

yellowbouncyball responds:

haha- I was drawing them all for this piece- I posted 4 "Teaser" pics that just show pieces of this final piece- but this final piece was what I was working on the whole time. All of these characters were drawn within the past 4-5 days to be in the piece above-

The only reason I created the others is because I have a daily-art blog and I didn't want to have to draw something separate after spending so long on this project so I used pieces of this for my blog. After making them I figured, why not post them here too as teaser pieces.

Thanks though-

If that's on the Calender...

...I'll definitely buy it. The colouring is spot on and the characters are all perfect. xD Very well done!

yellowbouncyball responds:

Thanks much friend! I am glad you like it!


I like the pink and green knights kissing the best. Oh, and having chibi knight make an appearance is pretty sweet too :)

yellowbouncyball responds:

Hehe I liked them smooching too- Glad you like it- thanks for the 10 Friend!