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Reviews for "Eye of the Tempest"

10 votes and only 3.38 ?

fuck ... no way
that should be fixed
you get better and better ... i should check your music more often
and 5 bomb from time to time ;)

Bosa responds:

Zero voters always win...

Until we join the Zero Resistance.

Im biased because ..

I love epic sounding music, where you can hear and see the fate of the world being held in the balance of something small and fragile, surrounded by evil, but spurned by hope.

i hear determiniation against overwhelming odds ... soilders marching into battle, while a dark storm cloud, swathing the sky in darkness, rains its misery upon men. Their feet are caked in mud, their wagons barely move. A wheel breaks on one, and the strongest take turns bearing the load of the 4th wheel, so vital is the supplies they carry, so precious is their time, and so resolute these soilders .... They march for their land, wives and children, and even the youngest among them has their lips pursed and face steeled against what they know to be their certain doom ....

Sorry im a writer by trade myself, so like the opportunity to share little shorts when the mood strikes me. Well done. Ditto with the below, a tad more variation, perhaps in the drumming, would have done wonders to this song.

Bosa responds:

A bit more drumming? Hm.. that's not what I was looking for, but if you think it would be better off with more drumming, then perhaps it is. Sorry to disappoint somewhat in this track, but I'm glad you shared your story with me and others who enjoy a fine writer.


I've always enjoyed your scores. Very plesant, gradual, and has a victorious feel that your music pieces always share. Great job! I only hope you can find more time in the future to make more music so you fans can hear.

Bosa responds:

Oh, there's always going to be music produced by me, at least I hope. The more I make, the more experienced I become, so keep in touch and don't fall back from Newgrounds.


Once again, you stun me with your talent. I love the way you can convey powerful emotions through your music. This was written amazingly, I can tell a lot of time went into this. Once again, well done, very, very well done.

MIthos Cordelan (5/5 10/10)


all i can say is just wow....holy freakin wow.......