Reviews for "Solus- Hybridic"


I say it's Minimal Techno maybe? I don't think I've heard quite a song like this, so I'll give you originality points. I kind of wanted moar piano, had a nice thing going for it.

Gawd, now it's getting all classical. This probably deserves a genre all in it's own, I have no idea what si going on. First techno, now classical, back to techno with classical sounds.


SolusLunes responds:

Hehehehe. It's a strange one, it is. :D

Very Quiet!

but still really smooth techno

SolusLunes responds:

Thank you!


This has to be the song that is most confused about what it's supposed to be in the existance of the universe (while still sounding good). I'd have to agree about the annoying beeping at 2:00. It sounds like someones trying to input codes into a futuristic computer really, really fast XD

Make more of these =P You could even try for a "dirty mix" as defined by housemasta with random sounds injected as part of the song.

SolusLunes responds:

Yep, because I really have yet to think of a genre that this fits in.

The beeping is probably actually my favorite part of the song- it will never be gone.

I do have a few songs like this in the works, but I didn't know people really liked them. :O

You *beep*ing *beep*!

I liked that *beep*ing! it fit in with the mood at the point, and I don't see why it was annoying to other people.

I think that "Orchestral techno" would classify this song, even if you just invented it for this song alone.

4.22 / 5.00 (+ 0.020)

SolusLunes responds:

See? The beeping was fucking awesome.

Glad you liked it :D

Very interesting!

I don't see why people think the beeping is annoying; it doesn't even last that long.
I have no idea what genre this would fit in. It sounds like a metric tonne of genres combined.

SolusLunes responds:

Ha, finally someone else didn't hate the beeping.